Triple F Unlimited Unsigned Podcast (Sep-Dec 09)

Posted by:  Triple F Unlimited


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The Unsigned Artists mixtape series reaches well over 100,000+ people from New York to Australia as both a CD and a podcast. Its aim is to give exposure to the hottest unsigned artists. Multiple performers featured on the podcast have gone on to major label record deals./n/nThe 2009 Unsigned Mixtape Series marks the 7th year in a row of change for the unsigned community! Triple F Unlimited has strived to make the entertainment world a place where all serious, dedicated entertainers can prosper. They create platforms for elevation in the industry, and they do this by providing needed exposure to entertainers on a worldwide scale.

In 2006, 5 entertainers from the mixtape closed deals with major record labels after appearing on the mixtape series. The labels that signed these entertainers were Warner Brothers, Sony and Def Jam.

In 2009, 7 years into the unsigned mixtape series, they look to change the market, the industry and the unsigned community forever. The 2009 unsigned mixtape series will be one of the most popular in the country It only features the hottest music from the hottest unsigned entertainersÂ’ worldwide. It floods the streets of New York and lands as far away as Australia. The mixtape series as a whole reaches well over 100,000 people worldwide (60,000 via traditional CDs and over 100,000 people via podcast each and every month.

Triple F Unlimited knows that so many people want to join this popular product and decided to make one just for Sonicbids members. So in addition to the already popular mixtape series, Triple F will present the Sonicbids version on the same podcast channel.

Each entertainer selected will be placed in a pool where the music will have the opportunity to be selected for the main "Unsigned Mixtape".

The mixtape allows entertainers to be recognized for what they do best, perform! Triple F Unlimited has brought the mixtape series to life to make it easier for entertainers to gain the exposure they need and want.

Artists are invited to visit Triple FÂ’s blog.

Terms And Conditions

Triple F Unlimited will distribute the CD to radio stations, and distribute it to A&R executives at major and independent record labels, as well as reputable/high profile trade magazines for review, mom and pop shops, shows, and freelance writers of the acts contained on the compilation and many other contacts as well.

Triple F Unlimited will distribute the compilation CD in the music-industry channels. Triple F Unlimited will create a pod-cast that will appear on iTunes and other online music sites. This podcast currently has over 25,000 subscribers. Recipients of the disc will include anyone that Triple F Unlimited has in its sole discretion, deems to be in a position to advance the career of one or more artist on the CD. Artists/bands will also receive 50 copies of the CD for each track (up to two) that are selected for the CD compilation. We will pay no royalties to the performers on the CD.

All songs should be no more than 5 minutes. The total duration of the entire CD cannot exceed 74 minutes.

The Triple F Unlimited A&R team and various A&RS from around the industry will review all music that is submitted to Triple F Unlimited. All submission will receive some type of feedback whether the song has been made the mixtape or not. The review process usually takes about four days, for all the A&Rs to make an agreement on a particular song, but can take up to 30. Triple F Unlimited, in its sole discretion will decide song placement and song length.

If your song is not edited for radio play, thats ok. Triple F Unlimited will have the ability to cut song length and blend in other songs to keep the CD flowing, as long as the shortening or blending of the next song will not interfere or alter the originality of the song playing.

Artists may submit up to three compositions. Each entertainer must be a member of Sonicbids to be considered for the "Sonicbids" exclusive digital mixtape.

By submitting an entry, artists/bands agree that is selected for the CD then:

Artists/band grants the non-exclusive right to manufacture copies of a CD embodying the selected song and to release them for promotional purposes.
Artists/band grants Triple F Unlimited the nonexclusive right to use the Artists/bands name, image, and likeness for promotional purposes in connection with the CD.
Artists/band shall retain copyright of the sound recording and of the underlying composition; Triple F Unlimited shall own a copyright only in the compilation recording. You own your song.
Triple F Unlimited will not be responsible for paying any so-called mechanical (songwriting, etc.) royalties to the copyright owners of the composition on the disc;
If Artists/band gains airplay or other performances generating royalty, it is the Artists/band responsibility to gain membership with the appropriate royalty distribution organization (i.e., ASCAP, BMI, etc.) Triple F Unlimited is in no way responsible for the distribution of royalties for performances of the works on the compilation CD. WE WILL NOT PAY ANY ROYALTIES TO PERFORMERS ON THE CD. Triple F Unlimited reserves the right to extend the submission period if necessary, to ensure the highest quality product that we can offer you the Artist/ Band and every one else.