StarMight Foundation Presents: Tru Originals - Children's Hospital Benefit

Posted by:  StarMight Foundation, Inc


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The StarMight Foundation, a 501c-3 non-profit organization, is excited to announce the Tru Originals Compilation CD Volume IV in The Difference Music Makes Children's Hospital Benefit Series. Over $30,000 in music has already been donated to young patients in children's hospitals from coast to coast!

The Tru Originals CD will showcase original music from the best emerging and unsigned artists from around the world. An initial pressing of 1,500 copies will be distributed to young patients at children's hospitals across the United States, released to college radio stations and independent music stores, and be sold online. All monies from sales of this CD will be directly donated to The Difference Music Makes Community Service Project. The proceeds will help to fund medical research for the treatment of life-threatening childhood diseases and the costs of music gift bag items that are donated to young patients at childrenÂ’s hospitals.

Tru Originals will feature the work of 12-14 bands or artists performing an original song in their genre. Interpretations of classics are also permitted if the song is in the public domain. If you can't clear it, don't plan on recording it. There are 2 slots reserved on this CD for Sonicbids artists, with a possibility for more!

We are looking for songs that will appeal to kids who are 12 years of age or older, so no children songs this time around. Songs containing any negative messages, profanity, aggression, or overt religious themes will not be selected. Positive and uplifting themes only please. All genres will be considered for this compilation as long as they comply with the guidelines mentioned above. Additionally, while we strongly encourage international bands to submit, songs sung in any language but English or Spanish will not be selected.

Your initial song submissions do not have to be a finished master recording. Submit the best-recorded work that you have on hand. Selected artists and bands will be asked to submit their studio quality recordings at a later date.

All submissions will receive a written, professional analysis even if not selected for the compilation. Once selected, bands and artists will be sent additional required forms and instructions on studio recording requirements and deadline dates for submission of final master recordings.

Please note:There are no additional costs to appear on this CD aside from the initial submission fee. All bands and artists selected for Tru Originals will receive 10 copies at no cost. Additional copies (up to 25 maximum) will be available at wholesale cost.