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The Underwire Interactive Magazine - The worlds first Audio Visual Media Disc is looking for new artists to feature in its publication. You can download a free copy of our magazine directly from our website. Stop by and download the magazine and give us a shout in the forum! It'z Da Dub Baby! 100,000 downloads strong!!!!

Cyber Cerebral LLC presents, The Underwire - a new form of digital entertainment media created with Audio Visual Multimedia (AVM2) technology! An AVM-D is a CD or DVD-ROM that contains the characteristics of a print publication, the dramatics of a novel, the interactivity of the Internet, the special feature capabilities of a DVD and the musical pizzazz of a movie soundtrack, compilation or mixtape!

The Underwire can be enjoyed from your Walkman, car or home stereo, and from your notebook or desktop computer. It has music, special features and an animated magazine that can be read from cover to cover. The pages actually turn! The Underwire is also a dramatic novel with an ongoing storyline that continues in each edition, with real-life celebrity guest appearances and interviews.

The result of extensive research and development in the fields of AVM2 technology, The Underwire is a marvel of optical, aural and intellectual stimulation that must be experienced. It not only increases the longevity, readability and replay value for our subscribers, it also expands the possibilities of our advertisers. The entertainment market will be reshaped. The urban market in particular is very volatile.

Trends change often. Technologically savvy and daring experimenters have revolutionized the urban market several times over the last 5 years. DVD magazines, like “SMACK" and “Cheddar DVD; print publications like, "Ozone" and “Don Diva", and mixtape DJs, like DJ Clue, Whoo Kid, Drama, Smallz and Vlad. All have ushered the urban market into mainstream America. Everyone wanted to be a part of it. The market became flooded, making the public hungry for the next evolution. The Underwire is here!