USA4Real Upstream Radio (Jun-Sep 09)

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Upstream Radio, owned and operated by USA4real in Los Angeles, CA, is looking for the next hot upcoming indie rock stars to play on their shows. Upstream Radio is currently a free station with no advertising- just uninterrupted good indie music./n/nUpstream Radio, owned and operated by USA4real in Los Angeles, CA, is looking for the next hot upcoming indie rock stars to play on their shows. They stream 24/7/365, and accept acoustic, alternative, alternative metal, ambient, classic, dance rock, electro, electro metal, emo, experimental, garage, gothic, grunge, hardcore, hiprock, latin, lounge, metal, modern, pop, powerpop, progressive, psychedelic, punk, reggae rock, rock, rock N' soul, hip-hop, R&B, soul, dance and rockable jazz. Music must contain vocals. & Upstream Radio Artists will also be able to make the hot 25 charts where the highest user rated songs are recognized as the Upstream Radio favorites. They spend a lot of time recognizing upcoming indie artists.. Many of those USA4Real artists, participate in their Hollywood Showcases, and have been signed to indie and major labels, found management and talent agents since it's conception in 2006.

There are a minimum of 4 reserved slots for Sonicbids artists each month. All artists who are selected for radio play will also be considered for USA4real's live events, the featured artist of the month, as well as for the annual USA4real Music Awards.

Upstream Radio is currently a free station with no advertising- just uninterrupted good indie music. There will be no compensation or royalties paid. Payment for live performances at their events is possible.

Terms And Conditions


I (We), _____________________________________________________________________________,
[Band/Artist Name(s) and/or Copyright Owner(s)] hereafter referred to as Licensor, grant permission to Upstream Radio, owned and operated by, hereafter referred to as Licensee, to broadcast the songs listed below over the Internet, on the air, via satellite, PodCasts, cell phone, PDA, or other mobile devices.

Songs (please note album name(s) if applicable): ________________________________________________________


I. This permission includes the right of Licensee to produce the ephemeral copies (copies made for the specific purpose of Internet broadcast) necessary to produce the broadcast. Additionally Licensor grants Licensee permission to display cover art and album images to further promote Licensors music. This is a royalty-free, non-exclusive, gratis license to broadcast all material listed above. Licensee is also granted permission to advertise the above material in connection with their broadcast and agrees to provide links to Licensors website and online music store if available.

II. This agreement allows the broadcast of this material, while eliminating any external licensing requirements of RIAA, SoundExchange, BMI, SESAC, ASCAP, or any other performance rights organizations.

III. The above material will not be made available to the public for download or other digital copying by any individual or entity. This means the material listed above will not be used for any purpose other than broadcasting, and promotion of that broadcast.

IV. I am (we are) the sole copyright owner(s) of both the sound recordings and the musical compositions of the material listed above, and are fully authorized to grant this release, and I am (we are) doing so of my (our) own free will without coercion of any kind.

V. _____ by initialing here, at Licensors option, Licensor chooses to be included as a possible featured artist in which Licensee may make available 1 downloadable song in mp3 format of Licensors music in the USA4real Newsletter to Upstream Radio subscriber base for a period of 14 days at no cost. This is strictly a promotional service for both parties benefit and Licensee will not try to resell Licensors music for financial gain. Licensee will notify Licensor via e-mail if Licensee decides to feature Licensors music in an upcoming newsletter. At that time, Licensor has the option to refuse this service. Licensor may request to receive a report after 14 days of approximately how many downloads were made from Licensee of said mp3. Licensee will track downloads to the best of their ability based on the number of clicks. By initialing Section V, Licensor waives the rights to their music as previously mentioned in Section II and III above for a time period of 14 days in which Licensee is not liable for any sort of monetary payment toward Licensor.

VI. This agreement shall be effective for a period of twelve (12) months, and shall automatically renew for another twelve (12) months unless Upstream Radio is notified in writing to cancel within 30 days prior to the anniversary date of this agreement by either party.

Artist/Band Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Your Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: __________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ Email: __________________________________________

Website (to be listed on profile page): ______________________________________________________

Please fax to: 310-453-6049