Sonicbids Audio Channel on US Airways On Air May/June 2012

Posted by:  DMI Music

 Booking 15 Sonicbids bands

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The "Sonicbids Indie Showcase” audio channel on US Airways will feature at least 15 Sonicbids artists on US Airways' audio channels through May and June 2012. Sonicbids artists are encouraged to submit their original songs to this great opportunity.

The “Sonicbids Indie Showcase” will be featured on 3,244 national and international flights with a potential for 610,000 passengers listening to selected songs. The program includes channel content listing printed in US Airways' magazine and the Sonicbids logo.

This opportunity is open to artists from around the world, in every genre, as long as the songs are free of explicit material. Songs must be under 5 minutes in length to be selected.

Here's an excerpt from the US Airways in-flight magazine featuring some recently selected Sonicbids bands:

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