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Vox Pop is a coffee-house, a bookstore and a publishing company located in Brooklyn, NY. They are a community-empowering, retail-revolution, live-event-loving, info-shop dedicated to "vox pop," Latin shorthand for "voice of the people."

All genres are welcome, with most shows falling in the folk/acoustic genre, as well as a healthy mix of punk, jazz, hip-hop, bluegrass, and many more. Local, regional and touring acts are encouraged to submit.

Live music takes place 4-7 nights a week, with up to 4 artists per night. This venue throws wild, live music and literary events, and hosts an open mike every Sunday evening. Young families gather every Tuesday, in the late morning. Vox Pop is child-friendly, and has a wonderful "kid's area" in the back with pillows, games, books, and art supplies to keep your little one happy.

Vox Pop can accommodate a capacity of just over 50 people, set lengths run about 40 minutes, and they prefer original music if possible. They have a moderate PA system available with two microphones.

Artists will be compensated for their performances - usually a healthy split of the door (plus free dinner and coffee in the store!) They like people who can co-promote with them. They're into flyering and putting together the right kind of acts into one night so that it flows and people stay to hear everyone.

They offer fair-trade certified coffee drinks, and all-natural, healthy food. They also offer books and newspapers that surpass the limits of information offered by the conglomerate media. And with the new Instabook machine, Vox Pop offers a real print-on-demand option for any writer who wants their paperback book printed on the spot!

Terms And Conditions

> Vox Pop Venue Information for Performers
> Vox Pop Hours:
> Mon-Tues:
> 7AM - 9 PM
> Wed-Thurs:
> 7 AM - 10 PM
> Fri: 7AM - Midnight
> Sat: 8AM - Midnight
> Sun: 8AM - 11 PM
> (We do stay open for a little while past closing time,
> but only if the barista on duty is willing to continue serving food and drinks.
> THIS IS DECIDED BY THE BARISTA, and is non-negotiable.)
> D.I.Y. Promo
> We urge performers to do as much promo as possible. We
> urge performers to contact the other performers on the bill and do fun
> things like interview each other for your blogs, make flyers, post-cards,
> and cool web promo graphics, that kind of thing.
> We update our own live events page that is linked to but separate from our homepage.
> Emailing .jpg, .png, or.gif images or text is a great way to supplement the basic event
> info that's posted. We can link to your band's page, but please give us a warning if there's adult content.
> Vox Pop now allows performers who are promoting their own Vox Pop event
> to utilize our Xerox machine to make 100 free B&W copies. We also have
> an industrial paper-cutter, to make smaller fliers (half- and quarter-page fliers
> are easy for people to grab on their way out their door or while standing in line for food).
> Money Stuff
> For performers who are really on the ball and work as a team with their
> co-performers, Vox Pop can also offer a beer special to help promote, like
> $3 pints of Six Point Craft Ale, which is delicious. We can also organize a cover-charge,
> as well as a free beer for anyone who draws a crowd (and is over 21), and bands
> are encouraged to "pass the hat" and sell merchandise.
> A few things to keep in mind and tell folks:
> Vox Pop is NYC's only union, fair-trade coffee-house.
> We sell Vegan food, and it's fantastic.
> We have organic wine and beer, but only for the big kids (21 and over, please).
> We have lots of books, post-cards, greeting cards, buttons, snacks, artwork,
> zines, independently published books, and strange customers to look at and interact with.
> Take pictures, and send them to us. We'll post them on our website.
> Write about us and link to our site, but only if you're nice.
> and,
> Bring everyone.
> Pa system:
> We have a nice, moderate-sized sound system, with two mikes.
> 1) (3) saxp100 samson passive monitors 12' cell woofer
> 2)mackie 1402 mixing board
> 3) crown ultratech 1010 power amp
> 4)a rack mount with handles
> 5) sm58beta mic / boom stand / all cables - all set up and ready to go
> 6)dbx 266 compressor gate
> 7)digitech 100 mutli-effect rack unit
> 8) many miscellaneous cables, but not everything
> Know how to use all that? Great.
> Oh, you don't? Well, feel free to ask questions, but we don't have a "sound guy" at Vox Pop.
> And don't go breaking anything. Everything is expensive.
> age restrictions:
> no entrance restrictions, however, we now serve both bottled and
> draft beer and wine, and its the responsibility of the barista on duty to monitor this.
> PLEASE don't let any underage fans drink alcohol here, we have a strict policy against that.
> Any questions?
> E-mail Drew@voxpopnet.net or visit our site at www.voxpopnet.net and click on the live events link!