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Well-Rounded Radio connects listeners to great music happening outside the mainstream, gives them a behind-the-scenes look at its creation, and lets them sample it within each interview and mix program.

Featuring today's most innovative performers from across genre lines, Well-Rounded Radio is an interview program (featuring podsafe music, provided for use by the artist, publicists, or record label) that digs deep into the creation of music-and allows songwriters and musicians to reveal what inspires and influences their work.

Well-Rounded Radio is also the place for great conversation about music-something sorely lacking in today's cynical radio and TV shows about the art. Covering rock, reggae, jazz, alternative, country, hip-hop, bluegrass, ska, soul, folk, funk, electronica, rap, rock steady, ambient, and music from around the world, the purpose of the show is to resist categorization.

Well-Rounded Radio's online audience continues to grow, with listeners in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Russian Federation, Israel, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and Belgium.

Hosted and produced by Charles McEnerney in Boston, Massachusetts, Well-Rounded Radio publishes new episodes monthly via the Internet.

There is also the possibility you will be included in either a Well-Rounded Radio Mix or in a Well-Rounded Rave. Well-Rounded Radio will notify you after requesting and reviewing your full CD.

Promoter�s note: Well-Rounded Radio is a one-man operation, so I do my best to keep on top of all the submissions and appreciate your patience as I give each one the time it merits!