Whittier College (2008/2009)

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Whittier College is a small, private college in Whittier, CA (just outside of Los Angeles) looking for local, regional, and touring performers in rock (alternative, indie, punk, pop-punk, screamo, acoustic), reggae, hip-hop/rap, jazz, soul, and other genres to come play on campus. A member of NACA, the college holds between one and three concerts or music festivals per month from September through April. Whittier College is currently accepting submissions for performance for 2008/2009 school year.

There are three different on-campus venues:

  • The Club- Capacity of 100-300 people (currently under construction)

  • The Ampitheater- Capacity of 500-700 people

  • Memorial Chapel- Capacity of 50-100 people

    Additionally, specific events Whittier will be booking artists for include:

  • Reggaefest- Reggae bands, exclusively.

  • Punkfest/fashion show- Psychobilly, rockabilly, oi!, hardcore, post-hardcore, horror bands, and other forms of rock.

  • Culturalfest- Variety of genres

    Submitting artists will be considered for spots at all possible campus venues, and the college will ultimately determine which location is the best fit. Once construction on The Club is complete, the majority of the events will be held there.

    If Whittier decides to book a touring artist, they will cover travel expenses. Generally, however, the school sticks to having local and regional acts. Whittier always pays for hospitality, and compensation details are negotiable.