Wildy's World - Artist Of The Month (Spring 2009)

Posted by:  Wildy's World


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Wildy’s World (http://wildysworld.blogspot.com) is a music review blog established in January of 2008. Since then, they’ve grown from a few visits each week to nearly 250 distinct visits per day. They publish 2-3 new reviews every day, and have regular traffic from the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. Their primary focus is on Indie artists, though they’ll publish anything. Artists they’ve reviewed include Ben Folds, Tally Hall, Yael Naim, Mike Ford (Moxy Fruvous), Melinda Doolittle (American Idol), Great Big Sea, Spirit Of The West, Woodward, Marian Call, Monte Montgomery and Burn Halo.

Wildy’s World features one artist each month as their "Artist Of The Month." This artist gets top billing on the website for the entire month (top right of the page, just below the site’s logo). This means your face gets seen by every visitor to their site. They generally do a feature of some sort (either an article or interview) and try to coordinate a review of one or more of your releases during the month. If selected, you will be required to submit at least one release on CD for a review that will be published during your term as artist of the month (you may submit your catalog if you choose, or just a single CD).

When submitting, if you have a specific month in mind based on a release date or tour, then please specify which month; otherwise it will be an open pool and you may be considered for more than one month (no artist will be featured as Artist Of The Month more than once). This is a great promotional opportunity with a growing and respected blog.