Without A Voice Film Licensing Opportunity

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Sudan Hope is an NGO working on relief in the country of South Sudan seeking music for a video to be debuted at their gala fundraiser in front of A-list guest from Hollywood and the music industry. Selected artist(s) will receive a licensing fee for their song and tax deductions may be available./n/nSudan Hope is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) working on relief in the country of South Sudan. They are hosting their first gala fundraiser November 21st in Hollywood in conjunction with the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and Conference. Selected artist(s) will receive a licensing fee for their song and tax deductions may be available.

The selected song submission will debut in front of a limited but highly opportune audience of both A-list actors and moguls of the music industry. The song will be featured for the next 3 years in promotion of the upcoming documentary and feature film "Without A Voice". They expect to choose 3 songs after reviewing all submissions.

Accepted genres include, but are not limited to, Acoustic, Celtic, Classic Rock, Contemporary Christian, Reggae, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, and World. Songs do not have to be highly produced at this time and demos are accepted. The song should have a good hook and convey emotions befitting the war in Sudan. George Harrison's "Bangladesh" is a good reference point.

The Emotions and Feelings:

Think and immerse yourself in the feelings and pain of one person whose experience of war is firsthand and up close and personal. Picture seeing your country's houses, churches, buildings, and medical clinics being blown up. Imagine your family being raped or beheaded in front of you. You are without hope and have no government to turn to for help. Imagine the smell of dead bodies, the stench of smoke, the lack of food and companionship. You are thirsty and drinking water that makes you sicker, your insides grinding you to a halt and ready to die rather than go one more day or even another hour.

These and yet more unspeakable things were the everyday experience of the South Sudanese for 22 years. And although 2.5 million were killed, over 8 million remain to rebuild their nation. Their one hope remains that their prophet Ngundeng (woonding) had predicted the war and that they would win over their enemies over 100 years before.

The audience should come away with awe for their heroism, their care for others, and their unwillingness to compromise their stand for freedom in the face of death. It should express not only the pain and chaos of the war, but also a sense of redemption and triumphant resolve.

Sponsors are not signed at this time but are expected.