6th Annual Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition

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The 6th Annual Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition (WLSC2009) is both a songwriting and live event competition with a first prize of $4,000.

150 contestants will be chosen to play in the Live Competition that will occur in New York City during eight consecutive nights of music at eight different venues: (TBA). Over 1,000 people will attend the live performances.

Besides all the exposure and potential industry contacts, WLSC2009 awards the following cash prizes:

  • 1st prize: $4,000
  • 2nd prize: $750
  • 3rd prize: $250

    Since its beginning in 2003, past winners and contestants have gone on to great success including acclaimed songwriter Rosi Golan, Jaymay, who is signed to Heavenly/Blue Note, and Ingrid Michaelson, one of the best-selling unsigned artists ever.

    Past judges at the live competition have come from BMI, Atlantic, Columbia, and other notable and independent record labels and publications.

  • Terms And Conditions

    The WLSC2009 is open to amateur and professional songwriters who have sold less than 250,000 CD units over the past five years. ENTRANTS MUST SUBMIT ONE ORIGINAL SONG, FIVE MINUTES IN LENGTH OR LESS, COMPOSED BY THE ENTRANT SOLELY. Entrants must be the singer of their own original song both on the submitted recording and for the live competition.

    You don't need a professional recording. Entries will be judged on originality, music and melody, composition and lyrics (when applicable).

    How it Works

    First Round
    All recorded entries will be heard by screening juries, 150 entries will be selected to participate in the second round, requiring live performance of the song. Live performances will take place from November 14-21, 2009. YOU MUST PERFORM YOUR SONG SOLO. Only one person may perform, and must be unaccompanied (you must perform by yourself). There will be only one performer on stage at all times. You will perform one song, and it must be the song that you originally submitted into the contest. Your performance MUST NOT EXCEED 5 MINUTES, or you will be disqualified.

    You may NOT use recorded music or loops for accompaniment. You are allowed to use any acoustic" instrument (i.e. guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, cello, violin, tambourine, etc). You are also allowed to use an electric version of an acoustic instrument (i.e. electric guitar) but you must plug your instrument directly into the house mixer: do not bring your own amplifier, pre-amps, pedals, or any other equipment besides your instrument. If you do not have a guitar that can be amplified, we will either provide you with one OR you may use a microphone (that we provide) for your guitar. Do NOT bring your own microphones, pickups, or amplification of any kind. If your song requires piano, do not bring a keyboard, we will have one on hand an electric piano, full-sized, set to standard/default piano sound. Adhering to the above rules, you are allowed to accompany YOURSELF with ONE additional unamplified instrument, i.e. harmonica or tambourine.

    Second Round
    The 150 entries making it to the second round will be invited to perform their song at one of a series of music nights at several venues (TBA) in or near Williamsburg. These will take place November 14-19. You will get one month notice of the date and place of your performance. Jezebel Music will try to accommodate requests to reschedule your performance, but cannot guarantee it. Contestants must check in at 7:00pm to their assigned performance venue on the date they are assigned to attend. All contestants must wait until they are called up to play, which could be as little as a 10-minute notice. Contestants who are over 30 minutes late for check-in may be disqualified. From the second round, 18 contestants will be selected to compete in the third round.

    Third Round
    The 18 entries making it to the third round will be invited to perform their song in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (venue TBA) on Friday, November 20. Nine finalists will be selected from the third round to play in the finals.

    The nine finalists will perform their entered songs and one additional original song in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (venue TBA) on November 21. Finalists who cannot make the final round will receive a finalist certificate but will not be eligible for cash prizes.

    Winners will be chosen by judging committees comprised of music industry professionals and other qualified persons whose decisions will be final. Songs are judged on originality, lyrics, melody, vocals, composition, and for those who qualify for the second and subsequent rounds, performance. The winners release sponsors from all liability regarding prizes won. Taxes are winners responsibility. Contestants will retain full rights to all work submitted for the competition. Except if you participate in the second, third, or final rounds (live performances), you give Jezebel Music LLC the rights to make video and audio recordings of your performance for its own promotional and commercial purposes, including in a documentary film of the competition and a compilation CD, podcast, or other compilation format, but you keep all publishing and other rights to the song.