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As we enter into 2008, Wonka Vision Magazine has been a publication for 11 years. As the magazine gracefully ages, its look and feel has changed into its current color/glossy format but the magazine�s integrity has remained the same. Truly a �zine in nature, subscribers to the magazine keep coming back for the sincere and personal touch its writers display in every band feature and personal editorial. Known for its witty humor, Wonka Vision often takes potshots at up and coming �buzzworthy� bands, making fun of new trends and genre bastardizing labels while keeping real music at the heart of matter all the while. Wonka Vision�s 2006 & 2007 cover stories saw many bands/artists often left off the radars by bigger publications. Covers graced by The Weakerthans, Against Me!, The Silversun Pickups, The Bouncing Souls, The T4 Project and also McFarlane Toy�s mastermind, Todd McFarlane himself, displayed some of the staff�s obsessions.

Wonka Vision Magazine freelance writer Ben Tanzer will be reviewing 3-6 Sonic Bids bands in our print magazine every issue for the �Screams From the Balcony� section. In addition, Wonka Vision Magazine freelance writer Matt Breen will be reviewing EVERY Sonicbids submission for the new webzine that is about to launch. Sonicbids reviews will be posted on a weekly basis depending on how many submission are received.

True-Blue underdogs themselves, the creators of Wonka Vision started the magazine to help many of the smaller bands they loved reach a wider audience. Without loosing its homemade touch, 11 years later, Wonka Vision is still run by a bunch of kids armed with laptops hanging about on their couches. As the independent and punk rock music community of Philadelphia grew, the magazine stayed true to its roots and kept growing alongside of it. Since 96� Wonka Vision has run several venues in the city it loves and also branched out to start Wonka Vision Records which currently has fifteen releases under its belt including the first release from Anthony Green of Circa Survive in his former band Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer. A music magazine in nature, the new Wonka Vision transcends the boundaries of art, photography, political and sociological commentary, culture, toys, and everything under the sun worth forming a well-articulated obsession over. WVM prides itself on innovative graphic design coupled with long-lead, well-researched feature stories from both the premiere artists, bands and writers in the United States.

After celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Wonka Vision Magazine is entering its second year with Curtis Circulation (Distributors for Maxim, Marvel Comics, Sports Illustrated, Alternative Press, Rolling Stone) and is steadily releasing a hundred page, bi-monthly publication with a readership per issue of over 90,000 people. Wonka Vision Magazine can now be purchased in over 25 countries; in national stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders to hundreds of mom & pop book and record stores all over the world. Projected on-shelves goals in 2008 include key chains such as Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Albertsons, Safeway, Walgreens, Rite Aid, 7-11, among many others.