First Pastafarian Church of Norman, OK

First Pastafarian Church of Norman, OK

 Norman, Oklahoma, USA

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First Pastafarian Church of Norman, OK has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.


Norman's only all-ages venue and is square in the center of our downtown area. The United States' first brick-and-mortar Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and just 5 minutes from the University of Oklahoma (25-30 from Oklahoma City,) our 1100 sq. ft. of DIY space is open to any and all artists looking for an outlet for their performances. Equipped with full PA, basic lights, fog machine, refrigerators, basic bathroom, and a green room. We can't guarantee great pay, but we'll do our best to serve you in whatever way we can.

Contact Andrew Ward at (405) 625-3800 or Joshua Babb at (405) 356-6661. Text or leave a message, neither of us will probably answer the first time.

OPEN TO ALL AGES, FAITHS, NATIONALITIES, ORIENTATIONS, AND GENRES :) See the events page on our FB (linked above) for free days/times.