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 La Jolla, California, USA

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Global Music Awards goal is to celebrate truly independent musicians, rather than being like other music talent competitions that honor only the best-selling recording artists. GMA is a showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists.

As an independent artist, it is always a challenge to build momentum and grow a musical resume that makes people stand up and pay attention. If you win GMA honors, it will establish your credibility as well as help you schedule bookings and secure dates. Mentioning that you have been honored by Global Music Awards will cause people to pause and take more time to consider your music. This will be helpful as you shop your music and seek more promotion, distribution, radio play, etc. The GMA issues press releases in support of GMA winners and thus helps GMA’s talented artists achieve success. In a nutshell, we allow our winners to use the credibility of the GMA name to open doors as independent artists.

Our goals are to provide talented musicians with our