Great Northern Arts Festival

Great Northern Arts Festival

 Inuvik, Northwest Territories, CAN


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The Great Northern Arts Society is a non-profit organization that hosts the annual Great Northern Arts Festival (GNAF). For the third week of July every year, we transform Inuvik’s Midnight Sun Complex into a professional level gallery and workshop space, and the town shines with creativity to rival the midnight sun overhead. Outdoors, our Carving Village buzzes with activity, the Gallery and Workshop Zone whirl with artistic interaction and the long, sunny evenings are filled with scheduled and spontaneous Performing Arts events.

The Festival provides an opportunity for the public to invest with -and participate in- authentic Northern cultural expression. By consistently promoting the profile of and advocating accessibility for our artists, the Great Northern Arts Festival supports the development of a sustainable economic sector and source of cultural identity for Northern people. Twenty-seven years of boundless enthusiasm, devotion and creativity!

JULY 17-26, 2015