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 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Jubilee Entertainment has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.


Jubilee has a commitment in providing excellence and exceptional talent with an unwavering vision to glorify God
and his name. Our staff strives to create a positive, challenging and rewarding environment for our artists,
songwriters, producers and partners. We strive to impact popular culture and worship via music and media.
Jubilee Entertainment consists of Jubilee Music Group which houses Jubilee artists, songwriters and in-house producers. Our Nashville facility features a 3200+ square foot auditorium with performance stage, 300 seating and
digitally automated PA/ lighting system. In addition, our facility includes a video green screen, Pro Tools recordingstudio with 2 tracking rooms, production suite and training center.
Along with the production facility, The Jubilee School discovers, trains and develops artists with it’s various curriculums, camps, and workshops.