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Maui Salt and Sage Productions

 Wailuku, Hawaii, USA

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Booking: 72 bands per year


The Maui AMPFest is a television (Akaku Maui) and Youtube Video Festival.
The Maui AMPFest is part of The Aloha Project: Promoting Aloha, Music, Hawaiian Culture & sustainable living through international collaboration.

Our last Video Production can be viewed here (please see link below) to get an idea of how it's structured and that Hawaiian Culture is the centerpiece. Link:

Maui AMPFest on Facebook:

In the course of the first four AMPFests we've included:
Hawane Rios - Big Island
Mailani Makainai - Maui
Soul Redemption - Oahu
Ekolu Kalama - Molokai
Innavision - Maui
The Ka'au Crater Boys - Oahu
Aidan James - Oahu
Marty Dread - Maui
Nahko and Medicine For The People, including Hawane Rios