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 Dallas, Texas, USA

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Mo'Betta Entertainment has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.


Mo’Betta Entertainment was designed to be a place where creatives from all facets of the industry can come together to collaborate, network, and hone their skills. Whether you’re an actor, web designer, songwriter, make-up artist, choreographer, playwright, audio engineer, video game designer, or just someone with a creative mind, this place is for you.

As an extension of this purpose, we launched Artist Spotlight.

Artist Spotlight is a series of shows and contests geared towards talented newcomers to the entertainment industry – aka you guys. The series is a partnership with The Microsoft Store, and hosts contests and shows periodically to search for new talent. Each contest will feature a particular group of artists within the entertainment industry. Our goal in this is to discover new talent, create opportunities for contestants to meet, collaborate, and network, and to equip them with the resources they need to succeed in this industry.