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Music of the Sea specializes in licensing high-quality songs to clients in film and TV production, game production, ad agencies and others needing world-class audio cues for their productions and projects.

Music of the Sea is recognized by major studios and film companies in Hollywood, New York City, London, France, Japan, Madrid, Germany, and Korea. Recently, its music has been placed in blockbuster films “Scary Movie 5”, “No Clue”, as well as ”Carrie Diaries”, “Real World”, “National Geographic”, and a host of other TV series. It has done its master work for more movies and TV series than it can count. It can be proud of its marquis client list that includes Weinstein, Dimension Films, Walt Disney, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, CBS, Microsoft, Apple Inc, ESPN, NBC, Fox Sports, Lakeshore Entertainment, Chop Shop, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, etc.