Out There Entertainment Group

Out There Entertainment Group

 Albany, New York, USA

Independent Promoter

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Out There Entertainment is your leading source of local live concerts, festivals and gallery exhibitions in the Capital Region. We focus on the young, upcoming talent that the area has to offer, giving them a chance to erupt within an art scene that leaves much to be desired. We work alongside our friends amongst the city to bring a spark to the community, something new. Follow us on this mission, and get out there...

We are all about:

~Organizing shows that are paid or donation-based, which display the talents of various musical/visual artists; exposure is key!

~Helping newer musical/visual artists develop their craft, and fan base, through promotion and advertising

~Connecting musical/visual artists with a venue that is right for their art form, while working closely with venue owners

~Connecting local music/visual artists with out-of-town musicians/buyers