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 San Antonio, Texas, USA

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Booking: 12 bands per year


Penguin Music Group in collaboration with MCFL The Orchard and Sony Music Entertainment. In the music business, everything starts with a song. Without great songs, there is no music business. Songwriting is not just an artistic expression; it is the axis upon which the music business rotates. So, the first order of business is, the music itself. People only respond to what they feel.

Established in 1998, under the name Lion Records, and later formed into Penguin Music Group, Penguin Music Group, Is an imprint under The Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment umbrella. Penguin Music Group, is based out of San Antonio, Texas. Managed and run by Executive Producer Avery (OG Penguin) Allen who is also the branding artist and songwriter under the label. We are a record company that focuses on manufacturing and global distribution of recorded music. As well as promotion, artist development and exposure with a unique urban touch.

Our hands on approach and distinctive style helps our artist transform their talent into ne