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Radio Ready PR

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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Radio Ready PR Plan Of Action: We start with a consultation with an artist rep who listens to your singles, EP, or album and gives you suggestions for which singles to work with and why, along with what markets to go out to. They will go over royalty collection for all formats of radio from college FM, to internet and satellite as well. They can walk you through any registration with BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, and more. You'll also go over music hosting sites, Google results, Pandora, digital distribution, and of course much more. We build you an E.P.K. and launch the campaign out to internet or college FM radio along with the review and blog sites. The E.P.K. connects the radio stations with anything else you have out there. Once the campaign is launched, you will have an account to log into to keep track of it. This will show you all the stations you're going out to and who is picking the songs . We pitch for film & TV licensing and placements with our artists material.