SauceLord (SL4L)

SauceLord (SL4L)

 Alabama, USA

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My purpose is to make great music and expand my music globally so that my fans can have some to enjoy. The product I'm providing is Music videos,Music, Movies, Photos & fashion. My service is to my loyal fans who strive for me to use my talent to make something out of it ,and that I could really make great music for others and have people entertained like in clubs & bars etc.. My audience is who I get my influence from actually if it wasn't for them I wouldn't and probably never tried using it to be a successful person that I know I can be today. The audience I have now are very supportive of what I do especially with videos I produce I have a great audience every day they ask me," when am I gone make some more music, videos and shoot photos" that's drives me to provide Great work every time I'm able too ....with that being said I love my fans/Audience.