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Smooth Style Entertainment, LLC

 Acworth, Georgia, USA

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Smooth Style Entertainment, LLC is a company focused on providing management, development and support to creative artist in the entertainment industry. Our artist line up consists of songwriters producers, singers, rappers, and actors/actress. We take pride in ensuring that the quality of the product meets the demand of the industry and consumers. Before our artist product is presented to potential clients, we gather personal and professional feedback through reliable non-bias individuals/organizations. It is important to us that we don't just meet the requirements of the industry, we surpass them. We enjoy the opportunity to network with other organizations and companies. Our goal is to build a strong ongoing relationship that will continue to grow both creatively and financially. Smooth Style Entertainment is real people doing great things. We're a spiritual based company that has strong faith and also believes that faith without work is dead. This results in our continuous efforts to meet and exceed the expectations of our artist and clients. Our faith and commitment to honest business ethics supports our core values which are:

Treating our artist and clients with respect
Conduct ethical business relationships.
Provide strength through loyalty.
Commitment to our promise.

Although there are times that require our focus to be very serious. Smooth Style Entertainment believes that if we cannot enjoy what we do, then it's not worth doing. To ensure the best outcome of our services, we make sure the environment that we create is positive, motivating and free of distractions. Continued movement and creativity is a must.