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SoCalindieMusicians has not booked a Sonicbids band yet. See who they've worked with.

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A venue specifically for music w/bar!

Booking: 5 bands per month

Skate/Record Shop in Fullerton, CA. Shows any night of the week!

Booking: 5 bands per week


Helping musicians/music lovers, promoters/venues, recording/rehearsal studios thrive and understand how to work for themselves, together.

I (Jennalyn Alonzo) started a blog to help musicians / bands step out of the garage and onto the stage with confidence.
To help venues and promoters have their events flow smoothly and be a profitable/enjoyable experience for both the bands and the staff.
To keep people who are interested in the inner-workings of the music business, up to date on what is important and fair.
And overall, to keep one's sanity when juggling the art and business of music with every-day life.

There is a lot of miscommunication in the music scene, hopefully this will provide clarity.

My history and knowledge of music and the music business continues to grow though many college courses, extensive reading, tons of first-hand experience, interviews with musicians and industry professionals along with many other avenues as technology advances. I am a musician, a fan of music and an active part of the music scene, primarily in Southern California. I do not support pay-to-play.

You can find me out at live music events every week, follow my instagram @socalindiemusicians for pics/vids

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