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The beautiful, crazy lives we lead inspire us to write our best songs.

When you’re a songwriter, you know that everything around you can be used to spark an idea. Conversation overheard in a coffee shop. Letters on a sign that seem to tell a bigger story. It’s these little scenes from everyday life that fill a songwriter’s notebook with lyrics and stories.

SongFancy strives to capture the essence of that inspiration and verbalize it, vocalize it, write it in pretty words wrapped with love and a dash of fantasy.

My name is Sarah Spencer, and I’m a singer/songwriter stumbling my way through a songwriting and artist career in Music City.

I’m certainly not an expert on everything in the music industry, but I do know a thing or two about writing songs (you can read all my boring bio stuff below). I started SongFancy with the intention to help inspire and ignite the creative spirit in my fellow songwriters.

Think of SongFancy as your go-to resource for all things creatively invigorating.

I write about life a