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Synergy For Music

 Den Haag, South Holland, NLD

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Synergy For Music has not booked a Sonicbids band yet. See who they've worked with.


We believe that as a singer-songwriter and artist in the pop music you can have a professional career, if you have developed a good marketing strategy. Therefore we would like to help the artist to expand his knowledge and skills. Our mission is to professionalize Singer-Songwriters and performers from pop music.

Through 14 years of experience in artist management profession, we know what it is like as a professional artist to get started in the music industry. In these 14 years we have assisted several artists, who are struggling with their marketing. Eventually they all have more energy, got pleasure and satisfaction.

Through writing a blog, articles, giving a training program, training and advice sessions, we transfer our knowledge and skills of the artist so that he / she eventually professional career can continue his / her career.