The Acoustic Space

The Acoustic Space

 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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The Acoustic Space has all types of concerts that range from many different genres for musicians and bands who want to play a more intimate venue of 100 people.

Booking: 6 bands per week


The Acoustic Space is a concert venue in Salt Lake City, UT. This concert venue has been open since 2015 and is an intimate venue like nothing else in the region. With beautiful vaulted ceilings, this gives our venue some of the best acoustics and atmosphere around. We have concerts ranging from singer/songwriters to full bands. The reason our venue was built, was to give the audience the ultimate experience with being able to feel every emotion that the music is expressing from the musicians. This also gives the musicians an up close and personal experience with their fans. The venue has a capacity of 100 and is also an all ages venue which can sell beer too for those 21 and over of course. which can sell beer too for those 21 and over of course.