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Gregory Douglass' signature Intuitive Songwriting eCourse is a refreshing approach to breakthrough songwriting. Many other songwriting courses offer helpful foundational tools and practical methods to jumpstart your songwriting, but we've yet to come across any other songwriting methods as honest and effective as those offered in the Intuitive Songwriting eCourse. Throughout an eight-week period, Gregory is going to show you how to take your songwriting from great (or even non-existent) to masterful through his own intuitive approach, and teach you how to write songs like legends write songs.

Booking: 60 bands per year


The Creative Advisor aspires to create community and teach other independent artists a proactive approach to sustaining their careers. offers career coaching, training tutorials, and indie artist/music industry interviews via dynamic videos, podcasts, and articles. Education and career sustainability is at the heart of The Creative Advisor, and it's our independent roadmap for success in today's music industry.

The Creative Advisor's Founder, Gregory Douglass, is an internationally renowned independent singer/songwriter and an expert indie artist with over a decade of experience as a full-time musician. He is the Founder of Emote Records, and has independently released eight critically acclaimed albums, along with a multitude of digital singles and music videos. Douglass has sold over 75,000 songs digitally on his own and his videos have amounted to over 600,000 views on Youtube alone. He has mastered the art of crowdsourcing and has raised up to six figures in campaign funding to finance his music over the years. Douglass' evocative, alternative sound "channels everyone from Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple in a way that's terrifyingly mature for someone so young" according to Instinct Magazine, and NPR's "Morning Edition" has coined him "one of New England's best-kept secrets." Douglass has shared the stage with artists like Jason Mraz, Regina Spektor, Grace Potter, They Might Be Giants, Shawn Colvin, and Margaret Cho.