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The Fox & King, Inc.

 New York City, New York, USA

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Founded in 2012, The Fox And King (TFAK) began as a grassroots movement focused on bringing together local musicians and groups under one banner. With this coalition of local talent, it developed into a booking agency focused on expanding the platform for the artists who are often overlooked and under appreciated. In this mindset, we've grown immensely due to a team who themselves are just as passionate about music as the artists they work with.

At TFAK, we believe in changing the way the music industry works for those artists looking to build a lasting career from an independent level and above. We believe in the concepts of DIY, highlighting undiscovered music, and building a lasting brand that works towards the independent music scene of today. We produce live music events, handle marketing and brand promotion on multiple levels, provide video and media production, and assist in artist development.