#TNM The New Movement Inc.

#TNM The New Movement Inc.

 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA


Bands we've booked

#TNM The New Movement Inc. has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.


#TNM The New Movement Inc. A non-profit artist support group in Harrisburg PA. "The mission of #TNM is to protect and aid the support and vision of artists throughout the world by providing them with the necessary tools that allow them to reach all of their stated career goals… " #TNM provides professional artist management, legal aid and Music Industry education in order to protect artists from being all alone and making career mistakes.

One can not simply pay for or apply to #TNM. They must be invited to apply and then pass the application process in oder to become a member. How ever there is a survey that can be filled out which will allow an artists to explain why they should be taken on by this very special staff and provided this unique labor of love. You may fill out the survey here: