Traditional Country Network

Traditional Country Network

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Traditional Country Network has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.



To preserve and promote Traditional Country music. 
To provide information, resources, and a network of professionals willing to share their knowledge and talents in an effort to assist those who are diligent in their desire to help protect Traditional Country music and keep it alive, whether through performance, songwriting, production, promotion, etc.  

There will be networking events held, where we'll gather at a location near Nashville to share our experience, knowledge and support for each other. The ideas and ideals of TCN is to create a network of people who can help promote and preserve traditional country music by organizing events that will help others...and each achieve their goals. With all of us working together, we can create, and present, a strong voice for Traditional Country music. If each of us are willing to work together, we can bring the genre back to the airwaves and the fans. Thanks to all who have agreed to work together through TCN. We'll arrange a network "after hours" soon for everyone to attend and share ideas and help make a difference in not only our careers, but those who are just starting out.