Warren Morrow Latin Music Festival

Warren Morrow Latin Music Festival

 Des Moines, Iowa, USA


Bands we've booked

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Our Venues

One-time event in 2016

Booking: 6 bands per year

2014, 2015 dates

Booking: 4 bands per year


Warren Morrow was a community leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor to many. He was also a music lover who wanted to bring more live Latin music to Des Moines. As a visionary, he saw potential in everything and everyone. When he died unexpectedly in 2012, his friends wanted to continue his legacy. They came together to create concert in his honor. The Warren Morrow Memorial Concert brought together Rock en español, samba-infused beats, salsa, and regional Mexican music to the Des Moines music scene.

In 2016 Warren’s friends took their idea from concert to a music festival and the Warren Morrow Latin Music Festival (WMLMF) was born. Seven bands participated including headliner, La Santa Cecilia, a Grammy-winning Latinx band from East Los Angeles. This was the first Latin music festival in the state, and one of only a few in the Midwest.

Today, WMLMF is a project under the Latino Community Center of Iowa, which is a state recognized 501C3. The vision is to become the largest Latin music festival in Iowa.