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Book the gigs your band needs to grow, no matter what stage you’re at. From local shows to international festivals, plus contests and licensing deals, it’s all here. Applications can be completed in minutes, giving you more time to hone your craft and build your career.

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Your Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is your music resume. Promoters, agents, and bookers need to get to know you and your sound in a clear and easy package- the more links and files they need to chase down, the more likely they'll move on to someone else. Put everything in one place, and increase your chances of getting booked.

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Musician Tools

Whether you’re looking for a session player for your studio time next month, a specialist musician for your tour dates, or a new bassist, Musician Search and Band Openings have you covered. As a Sonicbids subscriber, you have UNLIMITED messaging to fellow musicians, so go ahead and make some new friends.

Band Search

Whether you’re finding an opening act or hunting for a great gig swap, Band Search gives you access to the public EPKs of other bands on Sonicbids. Get inspiration for your own EPK, or reach out with a message to folks who sound great.

Career Advice and Tools

Wait, what is the right EQ pattern for the room you’re playing tonight? Did you get a good value on that secondhand bass amp? Find the answers at the Sonicbids blog. Expert technical and career advice for musicians is just a few clicks away.