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The Industry Standard Electronic Press Kit

Sonicbids invented the Electronic Press Kit, or EPK, for musicians. We built this tool as a result of direct feedback from promoters and booking agents. They tell us what they’re looking for, and we give you the platform to showcase what you do best and help you land great opportunities.

Sonicbids Band Search

The Sonicbids Band Search tool lets promoters, booking agents, and other bands search our network of musicians, narrow results by location, genre and statistics, directly message bands and book the talent they're looking for.

A Gig Booking Platform...

The Sonicbids gig booking platform is the industry leading way for your band to apply to gigs, book shows and manage your calendar and makes booking shows as simple as clicking a button.

...With an Unmatched Network of Opportunities

Browse and apply to a wide array of music opportunities listed by our network of 20,000+ promoters and booking agents seamlessly through the Sonicbids booking platform.

Artist Metrics

Your social statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube are included in your Sonicbids EPK to help your submissions stand out against other gig applicants.

Powerful Networking Tools

Using Sonicbids Messaging you can communicate with promoters, music bookers and other musicians to develop your professional network, manage your band and book more shows. Using the Share EPK feature, you can even share your EPK off-site. We'll deliver your press kit straight to their email inbox.

Why Sonicbids?

At Sonicbids, we're focused on providing the best career platform and marketplace to match musicians with playing opportunities. Our goal is to provide the best way for musicians to grow their careers by curating and providing new and exciting playing opportunities and ensuring that our users have access to all the tools needed to help manage their EPK and music career growth.

San Cisco
San Cisco
  • Pop
  • Alternative

Member since 2009 Awarded SXSW and CMJ gigs

  • Rock
  • Pop

Member since 2010 Awarded SXSW Gig

  • Electronic
  • Alternative

Member since 2010 Awarded Canadian Music Week and Northside Festival Gigs

G Easy
  • Hip Hop
  • Electro

Member since 2008 Awarded Billboard Music Awards and SXSW Gigs

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