Peterborough, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2021 | INDIE | AFTRA

Peterborough, England, United Kingdom | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Alternative Post-punk




"Darkest release to date..."

Perhaps their darkest release to date, album number 8 of 2021, Man On Fire captures the pent up aggression from this uncertain chapter of the human race, only the way UKs Das Kapitans could.
Most groups couldn't assemble such diverse catalogue in 8 years. Das Kapitans managed it in 8 months. Their North American indie/punk counterparts should take note. - Nordy Sick Podcasting Collective

"Very Special..."

This one (album 8, Man on Fire) is very special. This one sounds how I would expect Das Kapitans to sound. Some properly good songwriting on here...its their best yet - The Noise Merchant


I only play bangers.....Das Kapitans write loads of those. - Punk AF Radio


Incredible! You have the ability to change your sound in every album, without losing your distinctive style! - Rock In Box Radio

"Yeah man...."

Yeah man, fookin well good. - Horn and Hoof Records

"Angular disgruntled..."

Angular disgruntled pop verging on punk via the snot laden delivery. Hooky, lofi, but with good production to keep it catchy, I likes it. - Matty - Scary Clown Presents


This is the fourth album in a series of twelve, releasing every month of 2021. The duo responsible for this ambitious project are Stephen Potter and Simon Bailey, members of Fuzz and the Felts. This is my first introduction to the band, and after listening, I will most certainly check out the three earlier releases.

So then, onto the album in question. It’s primarily a punk album, and it pulls no punches. Sixteen tracks totalling thirty-four minutes gives you some idea of what you’re in for. They hit you hard and fast, leaving no time to recover between each track, and of course it’s laden with lots of fuzz (naturally).

Considering the album has been put together in just a month, from writing to recording and mastering, it is very accomplished. Post-production has been kept to a minimum, and it sounds raw and angry. The fact that they’ve managed to get so much energy into everything with just guitar and drums is damned impressive too.

Lyrically it broaches many different issues, and although some tracks are a little dark, the overall experience of listening is so much fun. It literally put a smile on my face, and honestly, it took me completely by surprise, especially as I wasn’t expecting much from something that had been put together in such a short space of time. Colour me impressed, and we have another eight albums to look forward to this year, and they’re available on all streaming platforms. Give them a listen because they’re well worth your time.

8/10 - John Seymour Outline Magazine

"Das Kapitans are “Kicking Off” in new single and video"

UK’s Das Kapitans have unloaded a new single and video prior to their upcoming release. “Kickin Off” (feat. Aidan of Novastatus). The song is hardcore street punk, the video… even more?

The track comes from Das Kapitans’ upcoming album Man on Fire, which drops this coming Friday, 30 Jul 2021.

Check out the video below and, if you dare, hit up more of Das Kapitans over at their Bandcamp page. - Thats Good Enough For Me

"Das Kapitans top up their album-a-month release schedule for 2021 with an extra single and EP"

When the first lockdown of 2020 was introduced, Peterborough punk band Fuzz And The Felts ground to a halt.

With members split between Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, band life as they knew it wasn’t going to be possible for quite a while.

But with plenty of time on their hands and their creative juices flowing, Kings Lynn-based guitarist Simon Bailey and bassist Stephen Potter formed a new band, Das Kapitans.

Taking their cues from influences like Fugazi, The Melvins, Sonic Youth, Blur and Joy Division, the pair created a new band which combines punk, post-punk, lo-fi, garage and electro sounds.
They decided to embark upon an ambitious project of releasing 12 full albums in 12 months. The first, Joulukuu (it’s Finnish for December) was released on January 1, and can be downloaded from Bandcamp, as well as being available on all streaming services.

Album number two, titled #2, was released in early February across all platforms, and the monthly release schedule will continue for the rest of the year through 2021.

That’s not all: they’ve also released a special Valentine’s single, Future Love, and last week brought a new four-track EP, Four More Songs, on Istanbul-based label Kafadan Kondak Records.

Album No 3, Blah Blah Blah, will be released on Monday, March 1, and number four is now being recorded. A couple of the tracks on the new EP particularly remind me of IDLES, so if you want to get some new music into your life, they’re well worth a listen. Drop by their Bandcamp page HERE. - IPA Music

"Das Kapitans take on the tabloids in “Rag”"

UK’s Das Kapitans have released a new stand-alone single and video. The song is titled “Rag” and, as you can see below, it’s all about the trashy newspapers found near every checkout aisle across the globe.

Per the band, this single is not part of their monthly album releases the next of which, 10, should be expected sometime soon.

Check out the video below, and visit the Das Kapitans Bandcamp site to hear more. - Thats good enough for me

"One of Britains best underground bands…."

In February 2022, Das Kapitans released their double A-
sided single 'Big Muff'/'MTV'. This was the first new
material from the UK noise rock/indie punkers since
winding up their ambitious twelve albums in twelve months
project, but the new tracks showed anything but a slowing
down in terms of creativity. "Big Muff', in particular, showed
more than enough evidence that the band would be
bringing even weightier riffs in the near future.
This follow up double A-side offers yet more gold from the
band, with a pair of sharp edged bangers that often value
riffs over lyrical hooks, but at the same time, have the
confidence to take Das Kapitans to an even bigger fan
base. The single version of 'That'll Do Pig!' opens with a
taut riff that brings out the very best in an overdriven guitar,
before exploding into a fuzzy, angular riff that shows off a
massive love for bands like Fugazi. The interplay between
the guitar and drums is very tight, yet somehow fluid
enough to make the core of the music feel spacious, and
the addition of a distorted vocal adds a very 90s flair. For
those already well versed in the band's quickly assembled
catalogue, there's plenty here that's instantly recognisable
as top drawer Kapitans, especially with the crashing punk-
influenced riff driving the chorus delivering the standout
moments. What's more, it's familiar enough to feel like an
instant favourite without ever sounding like a lazy, rehashed
or hacked out variant of past work .

The stronger - and more inventive - of the pair, 'Council
works a mean descending riff from a loud guitar
before branching off into an off kilter tango that sounds like
an unholy alliance between an old Blur b side (circa the
self-titled LP) and a half remembered piece of 90s art rock
from the The Jesus Lizard. The riff is so atonal and angular,
you can't help but be drawn in by it, and a further venture
into a slab of noise where a Slint-esque noise smothers the
main tune shows how Das Kapitans' minimalist set up is
capable of creating a really full sound. As everything
progresses, the constant repetition becomes almost
hypnotic, and a slightly flat vocal lends the sharp and
distinctive melody another offsetting element that
accentuates some brilliantly ugly quirks. Those who love
Das Kapitans when they're going
"all out punky" might
have to work a little harder to appreciate any musical
rewards with this number, but in showing how strong they
are when muscling in on an arty/discordant sound, it's very
effective indeed.
It's safe to say that if you're already aboard the Kapitans
wagon and you've found time to explore their twelve album
releases from 2021, you'll love these tracks. Even with
'Council Pop'
' opting for something a little more off-kilter,
this release supplies further evidence of Das Kapitans
being one of Britain's best underground bands. - Real Gone



  1. January - Joulukuu album
  2. February - #2 album
  3. March - Blah Blah Blah album
  4. April - Songs album
  5. May - Semi Skimmed album
  6. June - XYZ album
  7. July - Seven album
  8. August - Man On Fire album
  9. September - Fall album
  10. October - 10 album
  11. November - Elf album
  12. December - Happy album and The Best of.....album

February - Big Muff/MTV (A Side/B Side single release)
May - That'll Do Pig (A Side/B Side single release)
August - album Debut




From the darkest depths of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, England. Das Kapitans are a combination of influences including Fugazi, The Spits, The Melvins, Sonic Youth, Blur and Joy Division creating a DIY punk, post punk, lo-fi, garage punk, alternative feast.

Formed at the back end of 2020 Das Kapitans set themselves the challenge of writing, recording and releasing 12 albums through 2021…..a challenge that they smashed out the park with a few EPs and stand alone singles added into the mix.

2022 saw a slightly slower pace  -  Big Muff/MTV were the first releases at the start of February. Both receiving extensive radio and podcast play. This was followed up with the energetic and excitable release. That'll Dp Pig/Council Pop.

As well as the music the band has set up a YouTube channel and Podcast for their Das Kapichat series - talking to people from across the country about the DIY music scene. YouTube its also home to a growing collection of videos for their tracks, again all DIY and ‘homemade’.

Not content with getting their own music out there Das Kapitans have set up a small Bandcamp only record label, Socks On Records, to work with and promote other artists across the platform. Building a community of like minded artists has been key to the success since the band formed which has led to international radio plays, podcasts, blogs, vlogs and being featured on the local BBC Introducing Show a number of times.

Das Kapitans are out playing live regularly now across the UK - energetic and at times chaotic shows have been witnessed from Norwich to Stockport and most places in between. They have played with UK punk legends Snuff and Australian heavyweights Press Club as well as tonnes of other national touring bands

2023 will see the band release a number of shorter EPs.

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