Mournin Dove

Mournin Dove

 Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Original hard-hitting rock and melancholy melodies with a touch of pop.


Mournin Dove takes flight with the songwriting partnership of Aaron Lewis and Marc Clayton and delivers high-energy adventurous music that is equal parts pop-melodious-hook and rock-grinding-grit.

Hailing from the Saratoga Springs area, founding band members and brothers Aaron Lewis on guitar and Todd Lewis on drums, boast an impressive performance resume, playing for audiences nation-wide from New York City’s Knitting Factory to LA’s Roxy.

Vocalist Marc Clayton’s songwriting talent earned him success in Nashville’s music scene and brought him national recognition with two songs featured on Discovery channel’s The Deadliest Catch.

Mournin Dove brings an epic sound and soulful edge to their craft in both performance and songs that will swoop down, grab you and take you away!

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Set List

Mournin Dove can perform one-off 30-60 minute sets or as long as three hours of live music. Although Mournin Dove is mostly an original band, depending on the needs and the type of venue, the band also performs a plethora of cover songs; usually with fresh and new arrangements by the band. What's your pleasure?!

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