BEM/EMF Presents Beats That Bind

BEM/EMF Presents Beats That Bind

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS


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As students undertaking the Project and Event Management unit, we present a music event, in association with Rubix Warehouse on Saturday, November 14th. With the event headlined by Hip Hop Juggernauts - Diafrix - with support from the lush Dub Princess and Bailey Jones (Australian Institute of Music band), we are looking to host a student initiative that breaks down the barriers between cultural diversity.

We are a country born of multiculturalism, and by working together, we are seeking to produce an event that celebrates diversity through music, while raising awareness of current issues surrounding refugees in Australia. Music is a language that unites all cultures, and we are proud to use this as our platform. By showcasing three acts that support this cause, we encourage both students, as well as the wider community, to increase their enquiry on the issue.