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 Fresno, California, USA

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Central Valley Talk has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.


Central Valley Talk is in its 9th year. We have 40 live shows each week including The Central Valley Wedding Show, Central Valley Real Estate, Central Valley Business, and Authors & Artists. We also make our network available to those that would like to have their own weekly show on any subject. We broadcast live from the Mike Briggs Properties Building in Fresno’s historic Tower District. Appearances are free, and we have no paid staff, so we try to do all of our communications through email.

While our target audience is California’s Central Valley, we do have viewers from all over the world as our primary broadcast medium is the World Wide Web. The shows are streamed to households who like to stream programs, office desktop computers, pads and smartphones, and also listened to in cars with bluetooth devices. Select programs are also broadcast live over the airwaves on KSDI Chanel 33.2. Additional viewership is gained when select interviews are placed on our YouTube Channels (over 340,000 views), Facebook page, and other social media.