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DeeRock Productions

 Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

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DeeRock Productions mission statement:
We pride ourselves on helping artists, bands, songwriters and venues achieve excellence. In doing this we have created very affordable business solutions for our clients. We have been service the music industry for over 28 years and are still going.

Working on projects with LocoBazooka, Music for Middlesex and the Jimmy Glidden Foundation just mention a few, also, the countless independent projects we have launched without a hitch.

There becomes a point in every performer’s career where they say ‘this is just for fun’ or ‘this is my life’, well, this is our life. Sure we have fun with it, nevertheless we need to achieve greatness for any and all whom we work with. If you are at the point in your career where you want to take the next step and want to have solid representation then we are here to be your voice.