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Dreampatron is a grassroots crowdfunding platform that is 100% focused on helping hard-working, blue collar artists.It's tough being a touring artist in the 21st Century. Music sales are at an all-time low...no one's figured out how to get paid from streaming...bottom line, real working musicians are getting CRUSHED. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 45% fewer working musicians today than 10 years ago. With Dreampatron, we're hoping to reverse this trend by focusing on the ongoing, financial needs of working class, touring musicians. Through harnessing the power of "super-fans," Dreampatron enables artists to convert their biggest supporters into patrons of the arts in small, monthly, bite-sized chunks. Unlike other crowdfunding options out there that are project or content focused (i.e. funding an album, tour or video)…Dreampatron is ARTIST focused and employs a holistic approach to patronage. Founded by SiriusXM Radio host, artist manager and longtime Relix staffer