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FaithWalk Entertainment /Starphya Publicity

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

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FaithWalk Entertainment was birthed long before it met its guardians.

“We never anticipated the gifts we possessed until presented with the ultimate challenge. What we had only spoken of, as if were unattainable by the likes of ourselves, was now within reach. Nothing could stand in the way of stardom.”

“FaithWalk Entertainment, formerly known as FaithWalk Management was founded April of 2009. At first, we housed a roster of recording artists, actors, models, and even MMA fighters from another management company. Though it happened so quickly, often times seeming a bit overwhelming for two “beginners”, we knew that there was something, for lack of a better word, special about what and who FaithWalk would soon become. Whether we were to be dog walkers or multi-millionaires, janitors or run a lemonade stand didn’t matter. All we knew is that we were going to be great at it. We would stand apart from the rest. FaithWalk would have a purpose, and would reach the multitudes.”

Lauronc Darnel, former member of the R&B duo Unique, was not expecting for this opportunity to present its self as it did. Yasmin FaithWalk Foy was even less expecting of the events that had proceeded, nor those to follow. After the loss of their son, this was the perfect chance for them to translate their emotion. The artistry began in the corner of their Darby, PA living room. There was a hand-me-down keyboard, two cellular phones, two stacked milk crates, and a seldom vacant broken futon. Sitting, often for hours at a time, they would create and layer piece by piece until each beat was complete. Layer, write, and record, it was an upgraded old school technique, but superbly effective. Alternating roles of producer and artist, they spoke of the “what ifs”, and wishes of being in the position for the world to hear what they had so diligently produced.