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 Dallas, Texas, USA

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Idol Records was founded in 1993 and has evolved into one of the premier independent labels in the U.S. with a catalog of over 100 releases.

Idol has a diverse roster of artists ranging from Indie / Alternative Rock to Hardcore Punk to Alt-Country to Hip-Hop and is responsible for releasing the breakout records from many bands including Old 97’s, Black Tie Dynasty, Centro-matic, PPT, The Deathray Davies among others.

The artist friendly label has also signed numerous established artists such as Platinum rockers Sponge, Watershed, British punk legends G.B.H. and Flickerstick (winners of VH1’s Emmy nominated reality TV show Bands on the Run) who have all thrived after coming out of bad major label experiences.

In January 2009 Idol launched an Art-Pop sub label Exploding Plastic Records, the first band signed to the label was Little Black Dress.

Idol Records is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).