Monster Mixx College Tour

Monster Mixx College Tour

 Sarasota, Florida, USA

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Monster Mixx College Tour has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.

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Booking: 5 bands per week


Blu Chip Media, founded in 2003 is the fastest growing media company online. Our expertise encompasses a variety of practice areas ranging from college radio and magazines to campus tours and special events. With creative, smart and engaging tactics, we have been successful in creating lasting relationships with key partners in our target markets such as NACA (National Association Of Campus Activities) and (CMJ) College Media Journal. Though most of our focus is on the college market, our reach extends to all aspects of media from respected members of the media and celebrities, to energetic street promotion teams.

The Blu Chip Monster Mixx Tour primary goal is to bring exposure to our clients and educate them on brand development. We are currently promoting artist by coordinating a 10-campus college tour throughout the south east region of the United States The tour will begin January 15, 2016 and conclude February 07, 2016 and include a colorful array of music from many genres. This tour is proposed to cre