MY JHOUSE ROCKS Promotions Inc.

MY JHOUSE ROCKS Promotions Inc.

 Woodstock, New York, USA

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Bands we've booked

MY JHOUSE ROCKS Promotions Inc. has not booked a Sonicbids band yet.

Our Venues

KAMIJO -Visual kei artist as one stop on World Tour 2015. Amazing venue with in-house tech's with the highest standards. Lighting is great, large stage, ticketing and all around great venue. I am currently booking another group there now.

Booking: 2 bands per year

KAMIJO stop on world tour 2015. I will never book this venue again. Poor management, minimal P.A. not set up for a rock concert in any way although portrayed as such. No communication! Sorely disappointed.

Booking: 1 bands per year

GACKT World Tour 2016-Amazing venue. Be prepared to hire union workers for everything, building sets to selling your merch. Professional staff like no other! In-house ticketing. Best venue for world class artists.

Booking: 1 bands per year


Social media promotional advertiser, booking agent , U.S. Liaison, tour management and public relations of Japanese artists/bands in North America.