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Afton is a nationwide concert production company. We’ve booked over 60,000 unsigned local artists on over 10,500 shows in 55 cities since 2004. We’ve also worked on national tours for signed artists. Afton acts as a Booking Agent, Promoter, and event organizer. Submit your Booking Profile at or submit through Sonid Bids. Our booking staff will review your music and start offering you shows. You can opt out at anytime, no obligation - just accept the shows you want to play.WHAT OUR ARTISTS ARE SAYING"Convenient & simple.""Professional tools & online platform.""Great Venues.""The ease of communication""Their persistence and flexibility.""Very professional and organized.""Timely and open communication.""Process is easier than any other booking I've done.""Easy & Reliable.""The consistency of show dates.""It's free and they help me with promo."