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SHOCKEFX® GROUP has not booked a Sonicbids band yet. See who they've worked with.


Established in 1998, SHOCKEFX® GROUP™/BSWEG® is a Global Music Communications+Brand Intelligence Group (operating as the music communications division of BLASTAVE STUDIOS-BSWEG®) for the entertainment industries, FORTUNE 500 & 100 corp brands, and tastemaker cultures.

SHOCKEFX® is an Global Music Entertainment+Tastemaker Lifestyle Communications+Creative consultancy HQ'd-in Oklahoma City, OK for the entertainment industries & tastemaker cultures.

SHOCKEFX® is Globally Positioned as “your global powersource of socially-charged entertainment marketing+brand creative communications”, representing the fortune 500 to fresh on the scene with the same socially-charged electric brand remixing approaches to help our clients stay socially relevant.

SHOCKEFX® creates & activates programming tuned into your brands’ desired key demographics for maximum impact & brand relevance where they live, work & & play.