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Spin Charts Radio is a member of the Recording Academy and we submit artists for Grammy consideration. Winning a Grammy Award is not easy. After we submit any artist or band for Grammy consideration the artists material goes through a long line of voting members. There are rumors that if you know someone they'll push your material through. This is a disgruntled attitude and untrue. An excellent song is what pushes you through but that's not enough. Familiarity helps! It causes the voting member to stop and listen longer because now they're thinking, "Where have I heard this before?" At Spin Charts Radio we create different types of podcasts and PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! Our intentions are to get YOU heard by the public AROUND THE WORLD! It is a constant process and very important for you to have your songs playing all the time so they will become very familiar to listeners. Especially ours at SpinChartsRadio.com So join in with Queen Kina and Will as they work diligently while having a great time promoting YOU!

Booking: 5 bands per week


Spin Charts Radio is an aggressive Online Radio Station Podcast that is hosted by Queen Kina and Will. We are a "Foot in the door" to new artists and a professional PR station for artists who have been in the music game for a while. We are music enthusiasts, talent scouts and a non stop growing music community. We are members of the Recording Academy of the Los Angeles Chapter and submit artists for Grammy Consideration.