In Search of a Song

In Search of a Song

 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

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In Search of a Song is a national radio series (program) on PRX (Public Radio Exchange) with affiliates around the USA. Our host is Jason Wilber, longtime lead guitarist for John Prine. Our show is about the art of songwriting, and we talk with world class artists about just that- songwriting, their lives and music. It's a one hour program, featuring conversations and music, and we have a large fan base. We have over 250 shows published on PRX with artists such in many genrés, from Peter Rowan to Del McCoury, Todd Rundgren to Adrian Belew, Iris DeMent to John Prine, John Oates to Kenny Loggins, Steve Earle to Emmy Lou Harris.

One thing we really want to do is support up and coming Indie songwriters, and so we present our Searchlight Indie Song Competition. Winners get a special program on PRX dedicated to their winning song, and over 48 artists have been featured since we started. Though we don't promise it, some winners have ended up being interviewed as a featured guest artist on our regular program.