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 Georgia, USA

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One of the hottest top-of-the-charts stations, RockLan One Radio airs the biggest, most current song releases without excluding top hits from recent times. Genres such as Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop and R&B are all part of the mix. A solid, all-hits playlist, bringing you the singles that topped the charts all over the world. Let the name speak out for itself.RockLan One Radio is available on all media platforms… All mobile devices (Apple and Android), iPads, Tablets, and web-based applications. Go to any app store and download the ‘TuneIn’ App and then type in ‘RockLan One’ and you are now connected to the hottest radio station… RockLan One Radio. RockLan One Radio help chart artist singles on BillBoard’s Emerging Artists Chart. RockLan One is also the 2015 Radio Station Of The Year at the Southern Entertainment Awards (SEAs)