East Coast Music Conference

East Coast Music Conference

 Norfolk, Virginia, USA

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Bearded Bird is a mid-size craft brewing co-op that can be set up for both an indoor and outdoor stage. Indoor capacity is about 300 with room for another 100 on the patio. We also activate the alley behind the brewery for festival-type events 3-4 times per year. Total capacity with the alley is 1000-1200. The Bird has a great vibe and is located in the heart of Norfolk's arts district.

Booking: 30 bands per year


The East Coast Music Conference (ECMC) celebrates the intersection of the music industry and music fans, bringing them together for 4 days of fun interaction, learning, and great live shows in surprising spaces. With dozens of events, activities, and shows open to the public; industry networking and educational opportunities for conference attendees, and private parties and exclusive recreational outings, the ECMC offers music, fun, and knowledge for anyone who works in or just enjoys music. The ECMC tears down the barriers between industry and consumer and celebrates the connections made through music. For 2018 we expect 10,000 attendees and over 50 live music performances.